List of video and audio messages

Trying to display a list of video and audio messages exchanged between the current user and another user. But I can’t find an element to display an arbitrary number of items from a database, with specialized display mechanisms (e.g. video player, audio player). Is there a way to do this?

Closest I’ve seen is the Snapgram template, which fakes a scrolling view. It uses exactly 5 elements and only shows the last 5 items from the database.

Use any Components to solve your problem

Can you please be more specific, what component are you so suggesting I use? As I said, I don’t see a component to display repeating elements, with separate display mechanisms. e.g.
item 1: video player
item 2: video player
item 3: audio player
item 4: video player

item 72: audio player

To display a list of data, you can use Any Components to create your own list by cloning a template row. See the example on the scrCustomListViewer in