List of consultants/developers?

Is there an official list of Thunkable-approved consultants and developers?



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That’s a great question @thetrees - not at the moment, but this is something we would like to set up in the very near future!

Are you interested in being added to the list of consultants, or are you looking to hire someone from the list?



Thanks for the quick response @domhnallohanlon. I’m looking to hire on a temporary basis…

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Thanks @thetrees - makes sense!

Can you give a sense of what you’re end goal is, when it’s needed by, who it will be used by and if you have any spec/designs in place?

Feel free to reply here or via PM if you’d prefer!

Sure thing.

I’d like to build a fairly straightforward, cross-platform mobile app for iOS and Android.

It will be a simplified version of the app, using the platform, embedded within the app, in an iFrame. Other than that, all I need is a way to register users and login users and the ability to target a particular page in the app with a deep link (sent to users via SMS).

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BTW, it’s for this project:

Deep link is not yet implemented in Thunkable. You can create a general deep link that would open the app and if not installed then will take you to the App Store or Play Store but not specific pages in the app.

Thanks for the info, @muneer. That’s a bummer. But it’s not a deal-breaker. Is there a feature requests system, @domhnallohanlon?

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