Linking Sirv to Ximilar

Hello I was wondering if it would be possible to link two sites together?
I am trying to have images from a site called “Sirv” get automatically transferred into another site called Ximilar for an image recognition app that I have been working on with @manyone @tatiang and @muneer. I have been doing a drag and drop method thus far but was wondering if I can automate this process. There are roughly 30-45 images that get uploaded to “Sirv” on a daily basis and then after a 24hr period those images get deleted. So it is hard to keep up with a drag and drop so I was wondering if there was a way for the pictures that go to Sirv somehow make their way to Ximilar automatically?

Is this possible to do?

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I’ve provided advice and know how to upload images (in theory) to Ximilar in order to train the AI engine but I wouldn’t know how to automate that API call when new images are added to Sirv.

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Check out Integromat or Zapier!

Unfortunately neither app is used on those particular sites

I think I need this but the reverse?

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