Layout design for different screen sizes

I searched the forum but i couldn’t find any solved topicvwith a practical solution, most answers i found where mere hints.i also contacted thunkable directly but I’m sometimes not patient enough.

I want my layout looks similar on different phone screensizes, the objects are set to absolut size and here are the blocks to maintain the same object size on different screen sizes.

But it does not work.
Correctly, in some screen sizes labels are overlap pictures and so on.

Am i wrong here?

does using % not work to maintain size?

Fixed size elements can be tricky.

Hello Jared,
I was working with % values ​​first but I figured that if I creat a button with a% value for hight and width the Button looks different from when I use absolute values ​​and calculate the% value from the ScreenHight and Screenwidth. the Button looked more simialar through all devices I could test with.

But it’s ok, I did some adjustments and I think I can work with relative% values.

But there’s another problem I need to solve,
how to calculate the font size?

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Great question @Christian_Sigge

I would use a solution like this coded with the anycomponent blocks.