Display a tablet instead of a phone

Trying to use my iPad and wanted to know if there was a way to change the design screen from a phone to a tablet size. Kinda hard to move all the components around on such a small screen.


no this is not possible currently, although you may test it on a tablet. if you want buttons and images etc to change to the size of the screen use size percentages. eg:

button width = 80%

fills 80% of the screen, so no matter what screen size you have it will fill that percentage from the overall width of the screen.


Thanks for the response. Hopefully this will be a feature in the future. I will say the ability to move components in the top left control tree is amazing and has really help place everything even when I cant see it on the iphone display.


I agree, that is a fantastic feature of thunkable that every other app builder lacks

If you search for a post by @actech you will see him talk about this. He uses Firefox and an extension called stylish to accomplish the task. It swill allow you to change the overall dimensions of the design screen such that you can in effect “display a tablet sized design screen”