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Can the bio text size be changed ? never mind, i just ad a block to set font size

Did you guys know when you delete some row in the middle of sheet, then the data viewer will be loading forever if refresh? (especially in Google sheet)
becuz current ‘delete’ option is not eliminating the row but deleting whole “value” in the row.

So i found a solution. a “clone sheet” like make another sheet by ‘sort’ function so that no blank value is not in the middle of sheet. (instead, blank row will be positioned in the bottom or top by sorting).
So i’m using original sheet as source, and clone sheet as viewer. no error. (but you have to memorize each row id)

How can i find ROW Id for specific value.
I want to use for label text from this.
Label text from get value from xxx data.
I didnt because of i used such as 1 or 2 for row id. But it is not possible like this.


The get value from blocks allows you get read one value from a specific cell in your data table. You can specify the column name in the block itself and pass the unique row id as an input.

Note that each row has its own unique 24 character ID so passing an integer such as 0 or 1 will not work in this block.

Hi all,

I accidentally posted this in the wrong topic earlier, so some of you may have already seen this message:

I may have missed this being mentioned so apologies in advance if I did, but would it be possible to have a block to call a reload in list/grid viewers? This would be great for Responsive Web Apps where the pull down to refresh does not work, or when the “No data found” message appears.


Any way to edit the layout design ?

The only way I’ve been able to do it is to save the Row IDs in a list upon creation:



in my case, similar way like this.

  1. create a row with any value to ‘row id column’
  2. right after creating row, update ‘row id column’ of the row just we made.
    so we can record actual row id in spreadsheet
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That’s an even better solution. Great idea.

i have 6 columns in google data sheet but only 4 showing up how to fix that ?

Thanks, Is that possible to Search in Data Viewer List?

Not yet.

i have found some problems to what i said above Problems tracking *row id* in Sorted Sheet when using DataViewer

is there any way to search the data?

not yet. not that i know of.

is there a way to save item from list to another screen like favs ?

You can use like this.

i was able to make my favs and save it to local data base. i want people to only be able to save 5 items from data base to new list how do i do that?
update i was able to set it to the number of rows i want people save


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Hey @domhnallohanlon
Your Sample app link for Data viewer grid is not opening.