🎉 Latest Thunkable ✕ Release; Improved Project Filters, New Project Cards and More! 2020-05-12

Hey Thunkers! :wave:

In this edition we’re spotlighting some of the most recent additions to the Thunkable X platform to see what you think and to get your valued feedback. Read on to learn about:

1. Search Project by Category
2. Improved Project Cards
3. Sign in with Apple

1. Search Project by Category

Every time you create a new project, we ask you to give your project a name and, optionally, to choose up to 6 categories for your project.

The categories are Commerce, Community, Entertainment, Events, Games, Health, Information, Mapping, Teams, Tools and Religious.

If you navigate over to the Public Gallery tab, there’s a great new option to “Filter by Category”, in addition to “Filter by Components” and “Filter by Username”, which were launched several months ago.

At Thunkable we’re committed to building the world’s largest collection of open-source, cross-platform apps and this new filter makes it easier than ever for you to build on the collective knowledge of our incredible Community of users.

Here’s an example of apps tagged with “Commerce” and “Teams”.

Why not try for yourself?
Some of the most frequently paired categories are:

  • Information + Community
  • Entertainment + Games
  • Community + Events

Let us know who you are building for, and what you favourite categories are!

Filter by Category joins our existing filters; Filter by Username and Filter by Components - have you tried these out yet?

2. Improved Project Cards

We’ve been listening to your feedback on the projects page and made a number of small changes based on this. Firstly, we’ve removed the old icons for Delete, Copy and Details page and put them in a dedicated menu at the bottom of the project card. The Delete option is now styled in red which gives it greater contrast and makes it stand out from the other options, hopefully mitigating against accidental deletes.

Project names are also made easier to read. A new tool-tip will pop up when you hover over the project name. Thanks to @towball and others for highlighting this issue with longer project names.

3. Sign in with Apple

We’ve added a new sign in option! In addition to Google authentication and email sign in if you have an Apple account your can now use this to sign into Thunkable X and into Thunkable Live on iOS too.

Please note, that your projects are linked to your email address. This means that if your Google sign-in is from “@work-email.com” and your Apple ID is linked to “@iCloud.com” then you won’t have access to the same set of projects.

From all the team @ Thunkable


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I really like the new project cards, it feels more natural to have a pop up menu.

The new search features with projects is great. That was always a minor drawback when scrolling through the public gallery. As always great work from the team.


This is great! I really like these new features and can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon! I think the cards are great! I am way less likely to delte a project this way!

The features gallery is dope! I very much like being able to look for specific examples of how to implement some particular components. Very helpful for new thunkers!

Also, being abel to sort by user allows us to seek out particular examples. Like actechs :wink: 2020 demo app. it’s great. but when i’ve wanted to find the most up to date example, i struggled recently.


This is great, I think this might reduce accidentally deleting projects haha

Plus I love the bouncy effect of the projects, looks really sleek


I also love the UI update :+1: (The Project Card one)
Thunkable now features easy, and clean UI :clap:

Edit : I would like to give a small feedback/suggestion on the new Card design -

  • When the rename icon is clicked, the text-input nearly touches the app icon. A small margin below the icon would be nice :+1:


  • It would be an additional delete confirmation feature to let the user enter the app’s name to delete it - (above the delete button)


  • There’s a very-very small height difference between a project card and create project card - It would look nice if both have the same height - (the space is between the red line and the blue border of create button)


I hope Thunkable takes these into consideration :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the feedback @seth!

This would be more helpful if you could post it in it’s own topic (since it’s not really related to the announcement above) or better again, if you opened an issue for this in Github.



Will do, :slight_smile:

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