¿Does exists any kind of APP advanced searcher?

Sorry if exists any post with this information. I’ve tried to find it.

Recently, I’ve finished the course about thunkable, and I’ll use the platform in my classes, to teach app creation in the school. I tried to search apps, using the searcher, but it doesn’t work properly as I though (it just showed a few categories, and only with a little icon, without any more information about each project).

Maybe could be useful to include more fields inside each icon as previous information:

  • Little previsualization?
  • Project description

¡Thank you!

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Hi and welcome to Thunkable! I’m a teacher as well. It’s great to have more teachers using Thunkable with their students.

You’re right that the Public Gallery on the Projects page could use some updating and improvements:

One thing to know is that the categories have been added recently so older projects do not (I believe) have a category associated with them.

I would encourage you to submit a Feature Request:


Thank you so much!

Now I’m with @thomasbbak4jx and we saw it, to find one of his projects! It’s really cool and useful.