Latest Thunkable ✕ + iOS Release (Apr 12) - Button (Height, Width and Image), Share, Speech Recognizer and Switch

Hey Thunkers,

We are excited to announce 3 new components, 1 major component upgrade and some new blocks colors in our latest release.

  • Buttons now support sizing and background images!

  • Speech Recognizer - uses artificial intelligence to recognize and translate spoken language into text in 14 different languages


  • Share - allows users to share text or post images using their favorite installed communication app from Slack and Facebook to iMessage and WhatsApp

  • Switch - popular UI element to turn on and off a certain feature in an app, often used in settings pages

Updated release notes here

Happy Thunking!
Albert on behalf of the team


Good update!

Glad to have these new features. It might have been helpful to notify developers that previous settings on buttons would go away. I was confused when I went to work on my app and button settings had gone away. Thanks!