Latest Thunkable Android Release (Jan 30) - New Switch and Toggle Components, Custom Font for Canvas, Local Storage in Web Viewer

Hey Thunkers,

Today we are excited to announce new User Interface components and two new features on our Android platform. A big shoutout to our winter intern Jason for his great work building these features for the community in his short time with us!

Full release notes here

Albert on behalf of the team of the Thunkables



p.s. First! What do I get? xD

Links to documents are not working

Thanks for catching this – the links should be working now

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Just login to Thunkable Android and it should be there already!

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Nice usability update


Really awesome, thanks.

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Nice update, though I wished there were many bugfixes instead of new elements… There are huge problems with FABs responsivenes, FAB causing app to become extremely slow after few minutes, items placement fails,…

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Is there any support for using multiple toggles as a group, i.e. changing the state of the toggles in the group when one of them changes? I’m not sure I understand from the documentation.

Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for this feature to be arrive in Thunkable, thank you! :heart_eyes:

Mas essa é a ultima versão? ainda tem muito a seguir não? por que vocês vão parar? (Ou o tradutor errou?)…

Thank you, good job

I had a look at these this morning and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this natively at the moment.

As a possible work around you could do something like this:

(I’m sure you know how to do this already @Amoroso but I just thought I’d suggest it for any one that isn’t familiar with this approach)

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@albert @amrita @admins The switch component does not work. If you use the ‘when clicked’ method, when the user slides it to one side it does not detect a difference. This needs to be fixed so I can release my next update to my app.

Did you check the documentation for how to setup the switch?

This is for Thunkable Android…

Sorry! :smile:

It is working on my end. Can you send me the aia or create a simple aia file which show it doesn’t work?


Except from the sliding issue there is the grey border problem in lollipop and Oreo. In nougat it shows ok, for marshmallow I can’t tell since none of my devices runs on this version

@wei PM’d you