Latest Holiday Release (Dec 14) - Time/Date, Texting, Calling, Email, Online/Offline, Android/iOS and more

Hey Thunkers,

We are fast approaching the start of our holidays but we are excited to announce some exciting new features that we have added to the Cross Platform ✕ today.

① Calling, Texting and Sending Emails via the Share component

A phone used to be a thing that you used to call someone with – and today, we are excited to enable calling, texting and emailing in your apps. The blocks we added to the Share component use the default apps but require one add’l click from the user to complete. It does not make the phone call, text, email automatically for security and safety reasons of the user


Time and date blocks in the new Device category

Remix the sample app above called Timeless

You can now add the date and time to your apps using the blocks we added in the new Device category. The time and date figures are all in numerical values for the moment, so you may need a few extra blocks to get them into the right format.

Mobile operating system (Android / iOS) in the new Device category

Since Thunkable Cross Platform ✕ works on both Android and iOS from a single project, there may be times when you want to modify your user experience depending on their mobile operating system. To do so, you can use the block below:

Online/offline status blocks in the new Device category

There may be times you may want to design a different experience when a user is offline. To detect a user’s connection, you can simply use the blocks below:


Set to vibrate blocks in the new Device category

Apps often work in the background and vibrating a device is a popular way of notifying a user of a certain event. To set your device to vibrate, you can use the block sample below:

⑥ New Local DB aka Offline Spreadsheet component

Many apps require a simple table of data to perform a number of essential tasks. One way to add this data is via an online Spreadsheet but a faster and simpler way to do so is through a Local DB, short for database, which requires very minimal set-up.

We can’t wait to see what you thunk!
Albert on behalf of the Team @ Thunkable


Great to hear! These are all things I honestly haven’t consider using before, so I’m excited to explore.

Thanks for adding new cool things to Thunkable ✕!

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In the title it says also Android. Where is the Android news in this? You know the platform you started with. :sunglasses:

Well, Thunkable X is for developing Android and iOS apps simultaneously. The “Android/iOS” in the title refers to the new component that allows creators to detect whether their users are on Android or iOS devices.

That being said, there were a number of updates pushed to Classic this week too, including a new block.

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Can’t seem to find the "if, do, else " block, only the “if, do” block…

EDIT: Ahh, that’s what the purple cog button is for.

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