Latest and Upcoming Releases (Cloudinary Audio and Video, Gesture Touch for Canvas, Push Notifications by One Signal)

Hi Thunkers,

Apologies that it’s been much too long since we’ve given our Android users some love. Last Friday, we released a few bug fixes and support for audio and video hosting on Cloudinary. See release notes

Cloudinary audio can power cool new apps like a Walkie Talkie app for you and your loved ones (This app was inspired by our CTO Wei’s request to more easily communicate with his best friend). Try it for yourself or remix a better version

Thanks to our newest member @tingc, we have Gesture aka Multi-touch for Canvas in the queue as well as Push Notifications by One Signal.

We really appreciate your patience through the summer months as we prepare for our big iOS launch (more on that to come).

On behalf of our team,

Also, if any of you are curious to know what goes on behind the scenes at Thunkable, feel free to follow our new Instagram channel dedicated to what we’ve learned as we try to build the company behind Thunkable


Good job sir

YAY! CAN’T WAIT!!! (ok I get the desire to have “complete sentences” but it is really frustrating to get an error “body seems incomplete. Is it a complete sentence” to simply express my gratitude?)

Top, my wanted features:

  1. Side Navigation Drawer
  2. Background Tasks
  3. Custom Package Name

Awesome Albert. Beside Android looking forward to see the IOS Release. All App-inventor Developers going to definitely try the new IOS Platform. I wish you all the best for the BIG SUCCESS! :small_airplane:

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Can you also tell what its use is and how to operate it

My most wanted features:

*Material design
*Native switches (I know there is an extension)
*more than 10 mbps max
*a less complicated way to change screens so they won’t crash

Thunkable already has this and has done since it started.

Not possible due to a limitation of Google’s App Engine.

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You should know that this is avalible on a other app builder

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hi @albert, when r u guys will be adding the push notifications component? Can’t wait :yum: :sunglasses:

It isn’t completely material design. The title bar, buttons, and notifications look kind of outdated. I understand that their is a limitation for the size, I would just be nice to have and they said they are working on it.

But I like thunkables community and design more:)

Well, then you have to wait if they will make one

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