Label disappears when you set width to 'Fill container'

Hi! Maybe I found a bug. When I set the width of a label to “Fill container”, the label disappears. Check out this project:

I am creating an interface using labels filling containers. I am experiencing the problem described above.

It´s a bug? If yes, If so, can it be fixed soon?


I can verify this is occurring to your project. I was unable to achieve the ‘fill parent’ setting with the label. You can use the 100% setting while the label is in a column and achieve what you are asking for

I made some changes to the project to better explain my problem.
I need to align the margin of the label with the margin of a ListViewer (30px for both). If I set the width to 100%, I cannot adjust the margin in pixels. You cannot use “%” to adjust the width of the ListViewer. That is why I was using “Fill container”.

I hope Thunkable will fix this bug.