Know Your Community


Everyone in the Thunkable community has their own profile and the most visible elements of this is their avatar, or profile picture.

To give you a better idea of who’s who in the community we’ve added some avatar flair. This flair, or badge, varies from user to user depending on which group that person is in.

Here are the three main groups that you will see in the community. If you have any suggestions for new groups you’d like to see then just let us know.

Thunkable Staff

These are the people that work on Thunkable on a daily basis. This covers everything from software, design, documentation, chat support, creating tutorials and lots of other roles that are required to run any business.


Power Thunkers

Our Power Thunkers are some of the most knowledgable and helpful members in the community. They are based all over the world and have deep knowledge of the posts and projects that are featured here in the community.


Thunkable Educators

Thunkable Educators are teachers, coaches, mentors, lecturers or anyone who uses Thunkable to teach others how to create their own apps. Members of this group also have access to the invitation-only Teachers Lounge where they can swap lesson plans, slides, and discuss strategies for using Thunkable in the classroom.



1k App Developers

To join the 1k App Developer group, Thunkers must have published an Android or iOS app that has more that 1,000 downloads

Extension Developers

Extension developers are members of the community who help push the limits of Thunkable Classic by creating new add-ins and components.


Video Creators

We’ve created a new group in the community called Video Creators so that you can quickly recognise community members who are creating YouTube tutorials. Get in touch if you are interested in joining this group.