I've already bought second pro version but still not export apk file!

Hello Thunkable! I wish to know if your website is a scamp website or not. Why can’t I export APK file as well as AAB file? I’ve already upgrade to PRO version for second times. Solve this problem

Hello there,
Is really not nice to come with such words because you encounter a problem that is really not an issue for the most of us. I can download .apk or publish .aab easy and fast. And i bet that most of us can do as well.
Your state is missing details and maybe you miss something:

  • provide a good e-mail address where you will get the link to download (i`ve personally noticed that a yahoo e-mail is faster than a gmail one)
  • check your spam folder in e-mail (sometimes the link goes there);
  • read the instructions when downloading - if you have adMob inserted (or you had it sometimes in that particular app, it requires a longer waiting time, because you are verified by Admob side too)