ITHB: Making Homework More Easy & Enjoyable, One Homework Session at a Time


I’d like to introduce my first app made with Thunkable. I’m in junior high school and I’m self-taught at coding on both Thunkable and Javascript. Any developer can pick up on this immediately after taking a look at my code.

Even though my efficiency at coding is not great, I still enjoy making applications. ITHB was originally a part of the web application “hub” of StudyBots, a family of robots each designed to teach elementary students effective homework practices. ITHB is the first Study Bot to become a Mobile Application.

About ITHB:

Homework has long been a disliked task that’s its initial intent of having it help students enhance their education has been blurred and forgotten. ITHB enables young students with a more positive homework experience by providing students a homework routine packed with effective homework practices. It as well comes with an interface for homework helpers, where they can view how homework is going for a student to further help support and guide students.

-------------------------------------- ITHB Awareness Video ----------------------------------

Since ITHB is a prototype It has yet to be published to the play store, I hope a link to the project page will suffice. I would appreciate any feedback, ideas, or comments you have about my app, anything would help :slight_smile:

----------------------------------------- ITHB APP LINK -----------------------------------------

ITHB Demonstration:

----------------------------------------- App Demonstration Video -----------------------------------------

More Information on the Development of ITHB

Trial Runs for ITHB Web-App:

Once I finished making a prototype of the web app ITHB, I had 80 elementary students test ITHB. 70% said it made homework more productive and a little over 50% said it made it more relaxing for them. I saw that students favored ITHB more than the other bots, so I decided to move forward in developing it into a mobile app for elementary students and their homework helpers to utilize more.

User Testing for ITHB Mobile App:

User testing for ITHB was collected from 50 elementary students. Over 60% said they had bad experiences with homework always or almost always. Almost all of the students who said that they had bad experiences with homework said they would be interested in using ITHB. I have not done any trial runs with the mobile version of ITHB. However, I have showcased it to 2 parents and 2 elementary students, all seemed to really like the app and we’re excited to use it.


This is neat. What do the students trade their tokens for? I noticed a store or something in the video.
I wonder if any of this is inspired in part by the Pomodoro technique? I also liked this pulls in systems of accountability, as this is one of the more effective ways to motivate behavior to occur…

You talk about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. I’d be cautious when asumíng a homework goal is intrinsically motivating. Not that you shouldn’t have them, but that they’re a potential aversive stimulus that decreases the frequency of homework completion or homework completing behaviors. Just some food for not thought from a behavior analyst and I am probably over analyzing it being overly nerdy about things

I really like the concept. Needs some UI to make it sexy (it’s not horrible now) but you can buff it out as it goes along.


Thank you! To answer your questions, the students trade the tokens for items (music, homework tools) in the homework store. And yes, the very first prototype of ITHB was basically a pomodoro timer designed for younger ones. I was having a hard time figuring out how to help students “spark” intrinsic motivation for homework with the app, but yes, good food for thought. I think that’s what i’ll start to work on next in the app after I finish working on some of the UI.

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