Item click list view con local storage

The reason I asked is that you need to use a label’s text to check the value in your data source or use a DVL as @muneer suggested. Just looking at the table isn’t going to tell you anything. That only shows what data you’ve manually inputted.

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Thanks for your input, I already figured it out and solved the problem.

One last question, regarding the update block because it does not work, the application closes, it gives me an error if I do it this way it should work because I am updating the cell given the id and the input text

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You have to select a data source (the blank drop-down menu value) and enter a row id. You can try using an integer for that.

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Hi, thanks for your contribution.

but what I want is to modify any cell of each row not based on a row number

I don’t know what that means. Please give an example.

what I want is to update the value of a certain row as data is saved

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One sentence isn’t going to be enough to explain what you want. Please give specific examples, showing what data you intend to change.

Are you wanting to change every cell in a column to the same value?

I’m not sure what you mean but I made this quick demo. It might be useful to you.

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Hello, thank you very much for your help, the answer has been very useful, but what I want is that when I click on one of the elements in the list, the data is displayed in a text entry and from there I can update any cell

that is, when I click on one of the items and the data is displayed, I can update it by means of a button from that text entry.
It would be something like this:

Please give an example showing before and after cells.

For example:

Name Age
Bob 39
Anna 22
Jen 41

If I tap on Jen, I want to be able to change the age from 41 to 42:

Name Age
Bob 39
Anna 22
Jen 42

Something like that?

Can you provide a screenshot of your data?

Let’s see what is shown in the data viewer are the names, because when you click on one of those names, the name and surnames are shown in a text entry, because of those text entries what I want is to update those cells.

Okay, so if I click on James Smith, then I can edit the first and last name and those get saved back to the data source?

If so, then @muneer’s demo shows how to do that for the age. You would just do the same thing for the first and last names.

i did it but it doesn’t work

Show what you tried. You can post a link to the project and explain which screen and button(s) are not working.

Let’s see if I do it as it is in the example, it only updates the name, not the surnames.

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I would need a link to your project to help you more. It’s very hard to troubleshoot with such limited information.

If the first purple block saves as intended then the issue is the block where you set the rowNo variable to “”

Wait to clear the row variable until all your saves are done for that row.