How To Store User Input In Local DB

How To Store User Input In Local DB To Access On List View.
The Plan Was Easy I Need A App But I Am Not Getting How To Create It.
For Ex: I Will Enter A Company Name Of Apple And I Will Click On Button And It Should Add On The Local DB And It Should Been Displayed On List Viewer. Than There Will Be Search Bar In Search Bar I Will Search Any Of The Company Name Ex: In List View There Are 8 Company Name: Apple, Vivo, Samsung, MI, Lg, Tata, BMW, Micromax Now If I Search In Search Bar Tata It Should Display Tata In List View. But The Company Name Which I Add It Should Be Till Lifetime Saved it Shouldn’t Be Deleted.

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I find it hard to read things written in Proper Case. Is there a reason that you are posting that way?

You are asking many questions and it would be hard to answer them all at once.

When you create a new topic, it’s important to include screenshots of your blocks and/or a link to your project so we can see what you’ve tried and help you.


If I understand you well, this demo has some answers but not all.

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Bro One Problem Is That To Search The Note There Should Be A Search Bar It Looks Good Once This Option Is Added

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