Issues with your app privacy details on the App Store

Has anyone experienced this? I did not use anything outside of thunkabel. Is there a privacy suggestion or documentation?

When you submitted your app, you answered questions about your app’s privacy practices in App Store Connect. There are possible issues with the information you gave. You indicated that your app does not collect or track device or user data. However, your app integrates code from or communicates with third-parties that appear to collect and track this data, including, but not limited to, Bugsnag.

You need to provide accurate information about your app’s privacy practices, including the practices of all the third-party partners your app interfaces with, like ad networks, analytics tools, and SDKs. Doing so will help you avoid rejections on future submissions. If you don’t know what data your third-party partners collect or if they track your users, please contact them or refer to the documentation they’ve made available.

We have not rejected your submission, but this message will remain in Resolution Center for your reference. You do not need to reply after making the appropriate changes. We appreciate your efforts to comply with our guidelines and look forward to reviewing your future submissions to the App Store.

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