Issues using start rating component in custom DVL layout [April 2022]

When creating a custom dataviewer I have noticed two bugs.

DnD App: Thunkable
Custom Data Viewer: Thunkable

Bug 1: When using the basic rating and creating a dataviewer within the SnP and loading it into the DnD interface the rating does not display in the companion app.

Web Viewer (displays as expected):

Companion app (Andriod)

Bug 2: (no images attached)
When using a custom image for the rating, it crashes the companion app as if the data source is passing a null value.

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These seem like pretty straightforward bugs in the sense that they are reproducible (at least #1; I didn’t try #2) and there’s not a lot to configure to test other scenarios. I would recommend submitting a bug report with a link to your project & layout and a link to this topic.

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I can confirm this issue and have escalated it to the team. I’m not sure when we’ll get to it but I’ll keep the community updated on the issue here.

Thank you for raising this @zander


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