Issue with Testing of Application - Used to work?

Hi All,

I have just retested my app through thunkable companion for IOS and some buttons don’t work and layouts have changed - This used to work fine and it doesn’t now - I have also downloaded a version to try it without the companion app and similar problems - has anyone experienced this - maybe it was a recent update?


For the buttons I don’t know, but some layout things have changed in the latest release, see

Regards Rob

Thanks Rob - After investigation I believe there is something wrong with using the Stack Navigator now - @Mark could you please confirm if there are issues with the Stack Navigator currently?

@jacob1, Could you create simple app that demonstrates the error and post a share link of it to our issue tracker here? The more details you can give in the issue of what behavior you expected and what you were seeing, the better the chance that we can fix it!

Thanks in advance.


Thank you Mark - I have submitted the issue in the tracker

I put a comment in @jacob1’s issue report that might be worth repeating here for anyone who has a similar issue:

AFAICT, this is working as intended. You cannot navigate forward between screens in different navigators. One way to fix your issue would be to move Screen1 into your Screen Navigator. Alternatively, you could have your button in Screen1 navigate to Stack Navigator1 rather than Screen2

I’m not sure why this might have worked previously. If so, it was not supposed to :wink:

Thanks Mark - works as intended, appreciate your help