Issue with sizing on screen elements

I have seen a bit of strange behaviour over the weekend.

I did not touch the code, but all of a sudden the screen report very small sizes upon startup.

It happens only on Android using the LIVE app - not on iOS…

I close my eyes and hope it works Monday…


That sounds strange @henrikhngj5, do you mind posting a screenshot here for us to take a look at?

Hopefully we can find more…technical?..solution to this! :joy:

Hi domhnallohanlon,

I do not mind at all…

Let me explain; I do a bowling app and 2 essential ingredients is the bowling pins and the scorecard. The user is supposed to touch the pins to indicate they fell and so I want to make them as big as possible to make this easier. In addition, the scorecard needs to be as big as possible, to make the final score easy to read.

Ideally it should look like this

Google Photos

and it does when I adjust the size in OnOpen.

However, if I do it OnStart which I prefer, as it only dependent on the device, then it will now look like this

Google Photos

where you can clearly see that scorecard and pins are too small, as they are computed based on my screen containers size, reported back to me as object->computed size

This did not use to be like this, last week it was doing me well, but this weekend, it has been changed - at least for me…


It is still a problem for me, but I did a workaround…

Hey @henrikhngj5,

for some reason your screenshots are not displaying any more - did you delete them by any chance?

Can you re-upload them, if possible?


Sorry about that, to tidy cleaning…

This issue is easy to reproduce.

call screen->get->computed_width in both onStart & onOpen.

onStart always return 0, while onOpen return real width.

This means, you cannot initialize your screen layout in onStart, but has to do it onOpen, which is not great, as this will make a delay for the user