Issue adding Roblox Place ID for JSON file to Thunkable

So I am trying to make a sort of Roblox User Tracker. I was able to get access to a roblox api user status api: and was trying to get the property PlaceId. However, I can get everything else with the exception of LastLocation as if in game shows just Playing, instead of Playing and then the game name like in the json. The Place ID shows up as null even when the json says the intergers of the id. I need help understanding what to do. Code: Thunkable

Appreciate the Help

Hello @aaryan12jul2i9hm2, welcome to the community! The reason you might be getting null is because the player you are trying to search has their “Who can join me in expierences?” set on or lower than Friends in settings. In order to get the PlaceId, the player needs to change the setting to Everyone

Unfortunately, that is not the case. My settings have always been on the highest setting where the most amount of people can join me as shown in the picture below. Also I am unsure what you mean by change the setting to Everyone fore their isn’t an everyone setting for Who can join my experiences?

See this image:

If the birthdate you put in your account is less than 13 years old, you might not get the ‘Everyone’ option.

It might have something to do with how quickly you’re looping through calling the API. Maybe try removing the forever block?

I just used the URL you shared and got this where Place ID is null in the JSON:

Thats Odd, In my options, I don’t have everyone

Not exactly, see, the strings of numbers are the user id to my account, in the case of when you checked it, I wasn’t in a game, but I was online. When I am in a game, it shows the PlaceId of the game as well as the name of the game in LastLocation. Also, The forever loop is to repeat the process so it is always updating. Also I added a 5 second wait at the end of the loop so it doesn’t receive too many request and show error

Wait, I believe that the Everyone setting is for ages 13 above. My Date of Birth is set to 06/29/2019 right now which is obviously fake. I am currently contacting ROBLOX through Roblox Support and hope that they can change the age of my account. I will let you know if I successfully able to change my account setting.