Is there any relation between Thunkable and Appypie as I think appypie may be doing some false advertisement

I thought I should bring this to the attention of Thunkable

It was you who created this ad, right? Personally I don’t find it when I type “Thunkable” I tried in your

Send the complete screen of the page if possible.

Genuinely I came across it. I have a screen recording but I cant add. Please dont accuse me I am posting to make thunkable aware as there live chat is not live till Monday.

Thank you for the capture, it’s a misunderstanding, please excuse me. Very well it can be the case but they destroy their credibility.

No worries, just thought it was cheeky tbh. Thunkables great, solving many of my problems :+1:t5:

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Thanks @akshay199414knssy1 we have reported the trademark infringement.