Is there a way to reset the data tables in app so it syncs with the initially created tables with their values?

So i learned that the tables created in thunkable isnt synced with the tables in app unless its through airtable or spreadsheet. But is there a way to reset the tables in app so it syncs with the tables created in thunkable? Because i added a few columns in a table and a new row data for testing, but the changes cant be reflected in the app. How can i reset the table and sync it with the table from thunkable without using blocks?

Thanks in advance

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If I understand right, you’re using a local datasource, right? To get the new data into the app if you downloaded it, you’ll need to download the app again. Mostly, changes you make while editing the app show up right away in Live, but I often find I have to forcibly close and re-open Live to get it to reset everything.

If that’s not what you need, please post some more detail about the problem!


Yeap thats what I’m trying to do. Is there any way for it to reset on web viewer?

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I’d try clearing the browser cache.

I’ve wondered this myself. Please let us know if clearing the browser cache resets the data.

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It doesn’t unfortunately. If you login your thunkable account in another device or browser, the project will continue using the same tables instead of a new one, which means the data is probably stored in their servers.