Is the Thunkable server down?

I can’t log in, neither through my browser nor through the Thunkable Live app on iOS.



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think so

Projects were not being shown.

Some of our app won’t work! since is link to Google api and others. So all the .apk using that api fail too.!!
it is over one hour now.!!

I have to keep refreshing to log in, but when I can, I can’t press anything, and it crashes.

so people who use my app emailing saying it is not working my app that is already published i would not mind if was just here but i published app is kind of embarrassing and causing people to uninstall :expressionless:

Seems to have just gotten fixed!

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What features are you using that make your app rely on Thunkable servers? Is it just the web app or did it also affect the android/ios apps as well? I ask because maybe this was a good test to ensure your app isnt dependent on an outside server, such as Thunkable.

My app uses airtable some stuff loads but not all seems to be loading now

You might want to play around and see if there is a way to use API or another way for your app to communicate independently. If nothing else this shows a “weakness” in the app (more the foundation of a thunkable app) that could help you make the app more independent.

i dont think there is no work around

Hi all, this was a temporary issue that should be resolved now. Please reach out if you are still having any issues signing into the Platform.

Thank you!