Is sound playback from url broken?

I can’t get any audio files to play if I use a url for the source in a DnD project. I also tried a simple when button click → play sound [url as text block] and that didn’t work either. You can see the disconnected text block with a dropbox url in the project below.

Sample project: Thunkable

(See the first screen called “Music Player scr”)

Not only does the sound not play, the play block never registers anything… the value of the green error block is not getting set to true or false.

Bug report here: Can't play sounds from url · Issue #1201 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub


This is still an issue. When I attempt to play a sound from a url, it continuously and repeatedly loads the source. Then, sometimes after a couple minutes it plays the sound. Sometimes it doesn’t.

That particular issue occurs in StP.

Edit: oddly, if I assign the sound url to a webviewer, the sound plays immediately:

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