Is it possible to use javascript in app?

as you said it’s a complicated project
I will study this with a clear head I can continue thanks to you


You can easily achieve that by getting the time zone and adjust the time such as.

new Date().getTime() + (new Date().getTimezoneOffset() * 60 * 1000)

This should return the timestamp in your local time.

thanks for the finishing touch

I realize that the script is not much faster than the api
in any case I would have discovered one of the uses of the webviewer and it is a lot

Thank you for your support


If Thunkable provides a way to run JavaScript code directly you would see it very very fast just like IFTTT and other systems but even with this speed issue, going through Web Viewer is better than API for:

  • It runs in both the computer and the phone whereas most APIs will not run from the computer platform.
  • You have the flexibility to alter outpot or even the process because you have direct access to JS code.
  • It can run offline if packaged within the app assuming the long standing bug is fixed.
  • you do not need to depend on an external source maintaining the API service.