Is it possible to remove a cell in data viewer grid?

I want to remove certain cells in a data viewer grid without tampering the data source tables, as i have a few options where the user can filter the results of the grid. Currently how i am doing it is by having a temporary table which data will be added from the main table based on the filter that the user selects. but this method is very slow for some reason as every time any filter selection is done, i have to clear the temporary table, get each row from the main table with a loop and then adding the row into the temporary table if the row is not filtered out by the user preference, then refreshing the data source of the grid each time any changes are made. removing or adding one row takes 3-6 seconds and if i have a table of 10-20 rows it would take me more than a minute just to filter out 1 row. is there a more elegant solution for this? Note: i am using airtable as my data source. Thanks in advance

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First, I believe you are doing something that makes your searching/looping very slow. I’m using a similar method to what you described but my code does not suffer such delays.

However, see this post as it gives enough insight

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Update: I moved my table from airtable to the thunkable data source, it sped things up quite a bit so i guess its solved? i’m still open if anyone have a more elegant solution for this

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Read the post I shared by @codeswept which is using a different way of filtering/removing grid cells to achieve the same results.