Is it possible to insert a python program into Thunkable and build an app around it?

For example, if I created a Python program that summarizes texts, would it be possible to build an app around this program with Thunkable, like a UI that would allow users to log in, insert text, press a button, and summarize the text? If this is possible, how would I do it?

what you mean by summarize text???

see python is possible to code in the to add python in web viewer and then host it as HTML web[age

like a program that allows users to input long texts (like an article), and then summarizes it into a few sentences.

yes, but I want to build an iOS app around this python program. Can I do that with thunkable?

Let me see if I can say what @eko.devs.apploroceo said above a little bit more clearly.

You can’t natively put python into Thunkable, BUT Thunkable has a Webviewer component that can display a webpage. That works to get lots of different internet functionality look like it is inside the app. So, if you can set up a website that hosts your python code, you can display that website (and interact with it) in Thunkable.


see i hope you know how to code a website??? if yes, then code it… then host it on domain… after that take web viewer component and then put website link in web viewer link… you can also link python with HTML… i hope i am right ?

you caught it right that’s what i am trying to say

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