Is it possible to create a customer ordering app


is it possible to create a customer order system like the one used in spoons. trying to make one to reduce the contact in a pub situation


Hi @swiftyc97owtt, welcome to the Community.

I am just checking to make sure if this is related to the cross platform version of Thunkable (Thunkable X)? Thunkable Classic, which you have marked this post under, is retiring very soon.

sorry this might be the wrong feed, thoughtit was thge genral feed

No worries. I suppose how I should have answered the question is “yes”. It is possible on both platforms though you would want to be using Thunkable X.

You would need a backend database such as Firebase or Airtable. You would need the customer app and then an admin screen to view incoming orders, which could be rolled out as a web app so you can view it on a computer.


Hey @swiftyc97owtt

Not sure how many of our non-UK/Ireland users will be familiar with 'Spoons :joy: but this sounds like a great idea for an app.

Do you have a client that you’re building this for, or just out of general interest?

Something like the new Data Viewer Grid would be a great way to present menu items, and it would be easy to update prices, specials etc too.

In our sample app we’ve used coffees, but it would work for a pub menu too of course!

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:man_facepalming: I probably should have looked more into “spoons” before replying. Sounds really cool.

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I have a local pub with a vulnerable owner so they are wanting to reduce there interactions with customers when they are able to reopen.

i have a google form setup on a website to act like an ordering system but thougth an app would serve the purpose better

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In short. The answer is yes. In app payments are still not easy(might not be possible at all) but I’ve seen a paypal integration recently.

You could definitely have an “order” app that alerts the vendor there is a sale/order waiting to be fulfilled.

You could include a spot for a credit card number and callback phone number. Then program a luhn algorithm to verify that it’s a real card number. Then run the card upon receiving the order. If it goes thru complete the order, if not call back the customer


yeah i think thats what we are going for