Is it possible to bulk query with web abi?

Is there an example to use web api to get multiple data?

What do you mean? Like, can you retrieve a list? Yes

I want to use POST API (OR GET API) to get this query. But I dont know how to merge blocks. Can you give me an example?

When I use these blocks, I get the response below.

That entire query would be returned as the JSON object from a single API call.

You can learn more about how to parse API calls from my tutorial: API JSON Tutorial (Video)

Edit: I see you posted a screenshot right when I was replying. So perhaps my advice is not all that helpful.

Post a link to the API documentation. We would need to know how to properly authenticate to it since that’s what the error message is about.

It’s a little bit complicated. I need to know If I used the blocks correctly or not.

You did not because you’re getting an authentication error. The API is not allowing you access to the API data.

Can you or someone arrange the blocks according to codes I shared above?

No because you haven’t shared the information about how to authenticate with that specific API. What is the link to the API documentation?

Edit: need secret code also?

That is not a link to the documentation. The instructions.

No, do not share your secret. Someone else might use it.

Your blocks look correct to me. I’m not sure why it’s not working.

One suggestion is to see if you can get the API Post call working in Postman or another 3rd party client. That’s usually a good thing to do before trying to set it up in Thunkable.

Good news. Post api worked with POSTMAN. It turned with response. At the stage we have reached, it seems that our block sequences are wrong.

Yeah. You are setting query parameters for a post. You need to set the body of the call as the Json object.

Their use of the word query is likely confusing you BUT you need to construct that Json in the body, not they query parameters.


that’s all. Thank you, my lord, for illuminating my dark paths. :slight_smile:

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You can use a block combo like this nicely

Set body => get Json from object => create object block ( add your key/value pairs here )