Is it possible open another app using thunkable?


Hello! It’s my first post here and I appreciate every material I have been founded here, it helped me a lot!

I have an application like webviewer (with an internal link in my employeer), we can access the link using another app, so basically my doubt is:
Is it possible to open another APP using a button in Thunkable?
Like mainscreen navigator.
I appreciate your help.


Hi there,

You can use the Open Link block to open a link in a connected app :grinning:

Check out a post about the Open Link block here.


if its google drive, youtube or some sort of platform that supports link sharing, chances are a shareable link will open in the app.


It worked, but I got an issue.
I included a link ‘https://web-vmware’ and Android suggested me to click in the correct APP (It worked as well), but after do this action every link I have been click is opening in this APP, so it not work properly.
Could you help me?


thats android just trying to be helpful. there should be an option in android settings to change this. If you want to be able to select how to open links, when prompt by android, select the app / browser you want to open with and click just once. Hopefully that is what you meant.


It worked.
I defined no standard app and every click android is asking me what app I’d like to use.

Thank you for everyone!!