Is "get value" from data sources working?

I´m experiencing some troblues with this component. Yesterday I made a couple of examples and everything had worked well and today aren´t working (I think I didn´t change anything)

The thing is that I can get values the first time screen starts and after that, no matter how data change, the values are still the same. I have tried the “refresh” method from Daren and it didn´t worked (other components such as updated have worked fine with “refresh” method)

Any sugestions?

Update Live and try again. If it doesn’t work, do step - by-step debugging.

Thanks actech
What do yo mean by step by step debugging?
I made again the entire screen from the beginning and its happening the same.
Ps. This happen only with “get value”. I do the same exercise with update and create row and they are working just fine.

I will try again

I made another example and I realize that it only gets the info the first time.

(I set the lables =0 when screen starts, just to see the flow of the info)

When the app starts it gets the “new” info again, only the firts time

So, it works with other blocks, but it doesn’t work with the Get Value from block. For step-by-step debugging, you need to leave the minimum number of blocks that allows you to understand the problem. To do this, move the blocks from Screen.Start in the Button.Click block. Launching blocks at the click of a button during debugging is better than automatically loading blocks. After that, you need to determine whether the get block works or not. It may only work with text data, or there may be some other problem with it.

Thank you for your help

I just did that and it has de same behaviour
Actually I did a hole new app just with this to features (update and get value) and it is still not working as a I spect

It only gets de info once even with a button to loading blocks. When the app restarts it gets de value again.


  • what is the sense in the first block "set ‘app mes’ to ‘app mes’ "?
  • where do you get the value of “app row”?
  • where comes the data refresh from? If the values of your external source change (google table, airtable,…), you should wait some time because the data could be delivered through a CDN (content delivery network) which takes some seconds to minutes.

Hi Michael, thanks for your answer

1.- “set app mes to app mes”. It was only something that I´ve tried. I thought “app mes” wasn´t working but I just deleted that block because is useless (it come from a list viewer: “month” selected).
2.- “app row” come from a data list viewer in a screen before this one. I select a month, then a name and then in this screen i want to get the value
The red one always work
The blue one only works when opens the data list viewer for the first time
So… it is not a variable problem because I use the same variable for both

3.- I use airtable and I know that I have to wait to get the info in “real time” but after a couple minutes it is still the same. When I close the app and open it, it get the value in real time at the moment

Are you sure the condition, “app mes = Mayo” is satisfied?
You may need to double check

Yes I am sure because when I started this screen it gets de values

You are right. I just experienced it. It will not get value until the dataviewer refreshes again.I think it’s an issue.

Hi @id.salazar88zrunh,

have you tried another event? The lower block “when DatelleMolido start” is executed only once. Please try it with “when DatelleMolido opens”.

There is an example on the scrDataView screen where get value blocks on my Android 9 work well.

I see this has been resolved but wondering if you resolved your issue using the solution. Having same issue and unable to find a solution.

This topic is over a year old so you may not get a response. I’d recommend creating a new topic. Make sure to explain the details of what you have set up and include screenshots and/or a project link.

There are a lot of variables when using data sources such as local vs. cloud, which blocks you’re using to get/save data, etc.

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