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I’ve been working on an app that requires the ability to edit and view values stored in the cloud across multiple devices. To do this, I’ve been using a Google Sheet as a data source. However, whenever I update a value on the sheet, the change is not reflected in any of the data viewers, or values that reference the data source. I have to manually refresh the page/app in order to see the changes. I noticed on other posts that people have had this same problem in the past but couldn’t find any solutions. Is there any way to force the app to refresh the data source after a value is updated?

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  1. Have you tried using the Data Viewer List’s Refresh block?
  1. There is currently a bug with the Get Value block in Thunkable:
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Thanks for the quick reply @tatiang! The Refresh block works to refresh data displayed in my Data Viewer, but not the data called up by the Get Value blocks - I assume that’s because of the bug that you mentioned. Do you know if there’s any way to reference the values stored in the Data Viewer rather than using the Get Value blocks as a work-around for this?


Values are not stored in Data Viewers. They are stored in Data Sources and then Data Viewers display the stored data.

What is it you’re wanting to do? @muneer successfully used the get row object block recently to get values from a data source but I had mixed results with that.

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This has always worked for me

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