Is Arabic supported on Android devices?

hey @bader_mouti,. which application was this?

Are these apps in English or Arabic?

We’re actually quite a small company and there are an enormous amount of moving parts in our platform. The developers on our team are highly experienced and some of the smartest, hardest working people I’ve ever met, however they only have 24 hours in their day just like you and I.

We try to get to as many issues as we can but when something is broken or there is downtime that gets priority.

As I mentioned above, if you can help me our with reproducing this behaviour the we can work on finding out what’s happening here.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we are not native Arabic speakers.


Dear @domhnallohanlon ,
What @bader_mouti needs is not Arabic per say but the direction of text which you can test with Arabic as well as Hebrew. Both use RTL text direction.

If you can fix the direction then his problem is fixed.

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this is the app that @jane asked me to build it to test this problem

Are these apps in English or Arabic?
in English but its have the same problem
if the user phone language is arabic

we are not native Arabic speakers.
you dont need to a Arabic speaker … the problem will show up even is the app on English but the user phone is on Arabic

you will understand what is the problem if you download the app in the link above on your android phone and test it when your phone is in english language and then change your phone language to Aabic and then open the app you will see what the problem is and how the direction is change

Thanks for your patience and understanding
Trust me, when you work on something in all your seriousness and determination,
Then you discover that your work has gone in vain. You will have a reaction just like me

thank you for helping me to explain this problem

yes like you said the problem is with the direction when the phone language is Arabic

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@domhnallohanlon i have create this example for you
i hope this will help you to understand the issues


Hello @domhnallohanlon any update on this problem, please update me because I want to know whether I complete my work or do I finish it.

Hi there,

I know we have been chatting on Intercom about this, but if anyone is reading this post, I’ll update here as well: Thunkable team member Paul is taking a look at this behavior. Thank you @bader_mouti for reporting this behavior and for testing a lot of apps so that we could understand the scope of this issue!


Thank you very much Jane, we waiting for the good news about the fix


Hi @jane any update about this issue?


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@bader_mouti yesterday’s release included an update for how RTL languages are handled on Android devices - can you upgrade to the latest version of Thunkable Live and let us know if that resolves this issue for you?



Hi @domhnallohanlon
i have updated Thunkable Live App for the latest version
nothing is change the same problem

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Ok, it might be in the next Thunkable Live (or it might not be out yet?) Let me double check these for you!


Okay thank you