iPhone vs Androd

Our students are mostly iPhone, but on several occssions the app on Android was very different in look as well as functionality. It seemed to always work on Android, but be sporatic on iPhone. For example sound files (mp3 and wav) sometimes not play, if you click on voice recognition a second time or play a sound a second time on same screen, it would not play. And there were some layout issues different between the,m. Are these known issues and common? We LOVE the product, just trying to make it work in our classroom. SHARE worked great on both, except TEXTING on iPhone would never work?

Thanks for the helpful feedback Doug - I’ll make a note of this and pass it on to the engineering team.

Curious to know if these differences were on live testing, installing or both?

live testing. We did not try install.

Hi, I have just finished a project on cross platform iOS version, on iphone everything is fine, but on android the scroll text does not appear and the swipe return does not work. Why? Thank you