Android/iOS - different appearances

Hi everyone

I am almost finished with my app. I have been working with the traditional interface for making the app and testing it using Thunkable Live and an iPhone. I have now tested it on various Apple devices, and everything works fine. Hooray!

I have now just tried to run the app on an Android device (Samsung Galaxy S10) and there are a couple of visual differences, mainly to do with text:

  • Most obviously, the default font is a serif font, rather than a sans serif font. It looks ugly. Do I have to change every single text box to correct this? What about buttons where I cannot change the font? Am I stuck with a serif font for those buttons? This is going to adversely affect the look of the app.

  • For some reason, the left padding inside text entry boxes is ignored on Android, but works fine on iOS. Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a fix?

  • A few white dots here and there (I think this might be to do with elements that have been made invisible?)

Differences can be seen by comparing these two pictures:

Would you recommend I have a different project for the Android and iOS versions?

Sorry for all the questions - hopefully I can work through these glitches and would really appreciate if anyone has had any similar experiences or can offer some tips.