iOS sandbox and testing in app purchases

I am trying my luck at IAP’s and am struggling a bit. I’m to the point where I am testing. The documents talk about testing a user in sandbox. However, the attached picture says I have to download my app locally.

Is there a way to do that with Thunkable? I can download the app through test flight but it uses my normal apple id and not the sandbox one I created.

Picture from iPhone App Store settings:

Anyone have any thoughts as to how to test if we can’t use the sandbox?

Why can’t you use the sandbox? You should be able to sign out of your iTunes account or your iPhone account and login with your sandbox tester on your phone or your iOS device

Ok I see. I didn’t know we had to sign out of our account. It will delete my credit cards and data if I do that.

I’ll find a different device and make it work that way.


There is no iOS download option anymore?

@neuheisser Unfortunately, we have to adhere Apple’s best practices of having developers test apps with their individual accounts. As a result, downloading iOS apps is no longer available through Thunkable. In the near future, we will release the ability to download iOS apps with your own Apple Developer Certificate.


Is there any timeline on this?