iOS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dear Thunkers,

One of the things the Thunkable team are the most excited to bring you this year is support for iOS. We know many of you are very excited to0 – and we are working really hard on all cylinders to get a version out as soon as humanly possible (our robots are on vacation!).

Before we do, we did want to share with you some information that may help you better prepare for what developing an iOS app might mean on Thunkable. As you can imagine, iOS is not exactly the same as Android but our team is committed to making it as easy to develop on it as it is today on our Android platform.

For some answers to questions that you might be wondering about, please see our newly released FAQ below.

iOS Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask it on this forum and we’ll do our best to answer them.

With thanks and excitement on behalf of the entire team,
Albert @ Thunkable


Thanks for this! I hope you are able te release it soon! Good luck working on it!!!

thanks thanks thanks. I’m waiting impatiently IOS Thunkable!

I am sure everyone is :grin::heart_eyes:

When is the beta being released?

See this topic for more information:


Sorry @tysonseable. We arnt permited to do that. Sorry


In the new iOS app dev platform are we going to have any mechanism wherein we could make the same Android app compatible to iOS? Or we have to develop the iOS app from scratch?

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That wouldn’t be possible , android and ios are both totally different platforms with different files…
Android uses Apk
Ios uses ipa
Hope this helps :smile:

I think he meant, will we have to make a different projects for different platforms (I think he asked that, my opinion). Well I think not, we can make 1 project, but when it comes to compiling, we can choose for which platform to compile.

No, the editors are completely different sites. I’m in the testing. We will never have the option to export cross-platform.

Thank you for the information.

That’s what i said above :grin:

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Oh, sorry.

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Hi everyone. Thanks for this really important question.

Current Android projects won’t be exportable into iOS so you will have to build your iOS projects from scratch.

Our goal is for projects on the new iOS platform to be able to be exported to Android so users won’t have to develop projects twice in the future.

Albert @ Thunkable


Wouldn’t you add feature like: iOS-Android Compatible Design? Like you can add buttons, inputs and etc. and then you can sync design.

Yes, we will have to add that in the future.

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Thanks! I have signed for beta. Only Power Thunkers can test it out?

More users are getting added. It’s not just Power Thunkers anymore. You should be contacted soon if you have filled out the form.

Ok, thank you. Waiting :slight_smile: