iOS for Thunkable

Wonder if you can use the web component if it were available on the iOS version. That way you could use FusionTables. We use FusionTables for our app and we find it helpful.

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WebView is a supported API, but GET and POST requests can be made in Swift, so it SHOULD be able to, it depends on what they make.

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No, I mean API’s like

Can be done with

var request = URLRequest(url: URL(string: "http:/")!)
request.httpMethod = "GET"
let session = URLSession.shared

session.dataTask(with: request) {data, response, err in
    print("Entered the completionHandler")

so should be compatible in Thunkable

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Thanks, but I think you dont understand what I mean, I have a PHP script running that get the parameters. Then it will check the data and echo the text.

It’s almost the end of March, could we please have some information when it will be launched or are there bugs that make the “wait” time longer.

Good luck with working on the IOS version!

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In the early releases, will we be able to export our android AIA files and convert them to the Apple Thunkable? That would be very nice. :slight_smile:

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@tysonseable nope, you cant convert your aia files to the apple thunkable.

Well, that’s too bad. I’m sure someone will develop an extension for doing so…


I belive the .aix is in xml, so if the apple files are also in xml, then it should be converted


I don’t think so. There are many different functions in IOS that are different in Android. And it was already explained by the Admins.


We will see what we can do when the update is there.

I’ve just been reading over the previous comments, and whilst it’s great that the Thunkable team are going to be releasing Thunkable for iPhone (or whatever name they come up with), I must re-iterate something that I mentioned before.

For any of us to get apps into the Apple App Store, we’d be needing to pay $99 per year, now, I for one cannot afford that sort of fee, and I’m guessing (more like making a massive assumption) that many of you wouldn’t be able to afford that sort of fee.

So, what I’m wondering is:

  • How would we be able to publish apps?

  • Is it going to be sideloaded (if so, would that be the same as installing Cydia and jailbreaking?)

  • If anyone is willing to pay that exorbitant fee (thanks Apple), the app will have so many ads in it to pay for said fee.

Well, that’s my two cents for the day. Thanks for reading.
If any of you have anything to add, or criticise, then please do. I’m open to ideas.

Colin :grinning:


There are a lot of good points there Colin, I might move this to its own topic though, because I imagine lots of people will have an opinion on this.

In fact many of you will​ be eligible for free developer accounts through the University program:
Given the recent announcement of Swift Playgrounds, the proliferation of iPads in schools and Apple finally embracing open code I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar initiative for high schools in the not too distant future.

You can legitimately side-load apps for a while now:

You can charge for your app! :grinning:

Anyway, you make good points, but if anything I think that Thunkable for iOS will make developing for iPhone more accessible than it currently is and allow a huge amount of people to learn iOS development​ that wouldn’t have had the chance before. Personally I think it’s a step in the right direction. Roll on beta testing!!


What about Amazon App Store?
Its free and you should be able to put apps into the app store with ease(I’ve only tried with android apps)


You can publish APKs to the Amazon App Store for free. I have done so.


From what I’ve seen, there is no Amazon App Store for iPhone.

Sorry :disappointed:

Yes, that is pretty obvious. In fact, it is not possible to run apk files in iOS. Only Apple’s official App Store is supported.

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Oh yeah, thought this was an android thing.

Yeah. Apple is really closed, and you can only publish to their Main App Store. A jailbreak is needed to download from anything else. That’s why Android is better lol.


is there a countdown?