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Hey everyone I am trying to publish my app to the Apple App Store and the build is failing, the error email from Thunkable doesn’t provide any useful debugging information. And the links thay are provided don’t offer any hints either. Ive contacted Thunkable on intercom (the chat thing) and have yet to get a response. Below is the error message. Any help would be appreciated.

Error from the email:

Something went wrong when we tried to publish your app.

Here are the details:

There is something wrong with the iOS build/publish. Please contact customer service with the reference ID.

Please click here to learn how to resolve this issue.

Can you copy/paste the reference ID here please?

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Reference ID: 6eb69f44-e106-432e-ae69-53d6bc161c57


I had exactly the same issue when I tried to publish to iOS yesterday. Chat was offline “until tomorrow.” Tried three times with different version numbers in case that was the problem. No response yet from Chat help.

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Has this issue been resolved? I’ve tried publishing several times in the last three days and keep getting the same failure message. This is after having 5 successful builds in the previous week or so. It would be nice to know if this is a system problem, or specific to the user.
Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 4.14.54 PM

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My error message said failed to get authorization for, they said I probably typed the password in wrong. But i tried several times so that’s not the reason its failing.

But no solution yet. :confused:

If it’s any help, I just pushed a version of my app to TestFlight. The build servers definitely work.

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I successfully published a different app just now, so the litany of problems I’ve had with a particular build must be something unique to that one.

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Hi @kristhorsteinssonf4y @zander - I believe all of you have been helped by the team, but if you haven’t already, please paste the reference ID here and we will be able to take a look.


@cassandra yes ive been helped, my issue is not resolved. But i have a few next steps

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I just renamed the app and published it successfully under the new name, so don’t want to spend any more time on trying to figure out what was wrong with the “problem” app. Thanks.


ihave the same problem

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Hi @thunkdevi7 - can you email me at with your reference ID? We are happy to look into this for you!

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