iOS apps replace each other when downloaded

When I have an iOS app downloaded already created with Thunkable, if I download another unreleated app with a different title also created with thunkable, it overwrites the first app. Anyone know a fix?

The answer to your question on the page app limits - you can download one app per phone for iOS; no limit for Android.

Can someone please clarify what does the one app per IOS device mean. Is the one IOS app per IOS device a global limit, or it is a limit to one developer’s apps. Meaning if there is a Thunkable X app by another developer my app will replace it?

You can install only one app created in Thunkeble X on each iOS device. If you generate a link to another Thunkable X app, it will replace the previously installed one.

Is this a very difficult issue to fix and when is it expected to be fixed?

I would never want my app to to replace another developers app on any machine. This is a critical issue in my opinion.

You got it all wrong. You can install applications on iOS only from the Apple Play Store. To do this, iOS application developers must pay Apple for the opportunity to become an Apple developer. Pay Apple $ 99 a year and then create at least 1000 applications.

Thunkable X provides another option - the ability to install one application without paying Apple. This one application for personal use will be overwritten when you use the Download iOS App link from Thunkable IDE.

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I just want to add a little to @actech’s remarks. If you want to distribute iOS apps to users you need to publish those apps to the Apple App Store. We support that with our “Publish to App Store (iOS)” option on Thunkable ✕. To facilitate personal testing we also support the ability to “Download iOS App”, which does not require you to use the Apple App Store. However it has the limitations that @actech pointed out, which we document here.


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