[Invitation to Submit Your App] Thunkable Best Apps of 2021! ✨

A doubt: I developed an app for my community which receives private data, so would screenshots and description be enough? Otherwise I have many other apps which I can share the links for.


Please share whatever you’re comfortable with - once we have a sense of the nominations then we can go back to the individual creators for additional info if needed.

Absolutely @manyone - feel free to share any of your favourites!


I would love to participate, but but Apps stills in development… My plans is to finish them next month. :frowning:


Here’s one of my favorites - Jewish Holidays.
It’s an app for displaying the major Jewish holidays for any year. i’m not Jewish but i was fascinated by the calculation for Rosh Hashana (Jewish new year). i transcribed the formula from an article myself and came up with the procedure for computing the remaining holidays from there. so all the action is in the spreadsheet - in fact the app uses only 3 blocks.

here is the spreadsheet. make sure to upload it to your google drive as jewholi_TH

and here is the link to the project.
Jewish Holidays

here’s the display:


Really wish I could share my project now. Sadly, still in progress :pensive:.

Can we share APK

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Maybe you can share a screen or two? and a shirt description of what it will do!


I want to win to show off the fastest ever browser, let me show it’s details

WestWeb VS. Chrome

In Chrome most of you guys have been iritated about not opening the URL. so dont worry about that in ww.

Only thing is, i will send the copy link to just get it on your phone :grinning:


The super browser

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Well I’ll present a few pages:

Please don’t judge. And tell me if I should improve anything.

Wildlife Saver

This is an app for accomplishing the 15th Global Goal. So let’s save ‘em all!

Main Page:

Other Page(picked randomly):

So tell me guys if I need any improvement.

I will take everything as what I need to improve.

Just choose how well you guys think my app will be when it is finished by looking at these 3 pages.

How well will my app be when I finish it by looking at these 3 pages? Please be honest.
  • Awesome!
  • Very Good!
  • Good
  • OK
  • Meh
  • Bad
  • Very Bad
  • Terrible!

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Hope you guys will like it!


i create app it call I2P item to purchase. I2P is app for user to list out items to purchase. From items listed, user able to edit, delete and mark or unmark the items. Items also support multi language such as English, Arabic, Indonesia, Russia, Malay or Chinese. Also support an emoji icon and able to speak incase you lazy to writing in keyboard. This is not serious app but i just share my idea to digital life.

IOS : ‎I2P on the App Store
Andoird : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmail.izis27.i2p&hl=en_US&gl=US


I will share an educational app.
In my application, there are lectures, videos, tests, games for students.
In addition, we get the results of the students with the online trials section.
They can see it in the system too.

Application language is Turkish.
I hope this won’t be a problem because I think this is a quality app.



I would appreciate it if you could review and provide feedback.


Project Link: Thunkable


Some pretty impressive coding in there! :grinning:
I never thought to refer to a button by its name. I always use IDs.

Learned something new… thank you!


In some cases it has been a savior for me.

Thank you, I’m really glad you like it.


When I designed and shared the Mastermind game that you taught me for the WDC, I used a similar trick

It is sometimes gives more meaning.


App: VAX App
By: Don Schlack
Link: Thunkable

The VAX App is a very simple app for use by Thunkers who need to show the vaccine card (or a photo). Many areas require restaurants or other public places to check the vaccine status of their patrons. Unfortunately, many cities do not have a way to register the card, so the user has to carry it around or hunt for the photo in their smartphone.

The VAX App is really for Thunkers who like to work with setting up apps. It lets you upload photos of your family’s cards, compile the apk for sideloading and then call photos up when you need to show them.

The App is password protected in your phone so the card is not shared with any company or government.

Once set up, click a button to see the card and the basic information, long click to show some of the details.



One Tab Calculator, a mobile game that helps you improve your calculation skills.
Also there is leaderboard with all the player’s scores, and a competition so you can win money each month.

Story: My brother wasn’t good at maths, but as we played a game that had to do with making random numbers in the calculator by using each digit only once, he improved his calculation skills, and eventually became the best maths student. That is how we decided to develop the game we played into an app to help many students become better at maths.

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.games35.onetapcalc

iOS: ‎One Tap Calculator 2 on the App Store


App to check vehicle torque Thunkable

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My app Is a video calling health consultation App and has many more features :Thunkable :warning:PLEASE DON’T EDIT MY PROJECT And The App Has Push Notification

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@anush, no one can edit your original project. When you post a link, Thunkable creates a copy for anyone who opens it.