Interstetial is not showing , real or test is not showinf

hello i have problem in interstetial , is not showing on my apps , i try test ads also is not showing , interstetial is showing 1 time in all application what is the problem im trying to contact everyone here but no solutions !!! any help !!

I have the same problem as you. It always say “signal 6 was raised”. It’s terrible, this year Thunkable met so many bugs haizzz

i just upload to play store and impression seems like it is not working

yes there is a lot of problems is thunkable community and support dont give any help

its not working i try everything no one will answer you , the problem is in thunkable , i will quit thunkable because its just wasting time

very unfair to not have it working since we have to pay 10% of earning so losing earning there but still have to pay

its not about 10% ; its about earnings ; 1 interstetial in all application is shit i dont know why they do this and nobody answer here

Well i looked over my app and seem to all be working fine now no issues so maybe check over your blocks

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