Insert multiple rows vertically, but horizontally stacked

Hi there
I want to insert rows inside other rows.
However, when I insert more than one row in a row, the rows are placed next to each other, instead of below one another.
Please assist if you can.

Hi Reiner

Drag your rows in Design so that they overlap the row you want to insert them in. You’ll notice that as you move them individually a red line (in my case) will show where they will be inserted. What you’re looking for is that red line to be on the left of the row you’re inserting them into.

In your case the red line will have been under row1. Simply drag each row (4-6) up into row1. You can arrange them by dragging them once they’re in, e.g. 4 on top of 5 on top of 6! This will reverse the order you’re currently showing.

Hope that helps!

Cheers, Stuart

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