Initial screen's blocks won't execute on my Apple mobile devices

Hi all! I’ve been working on a project with a Technovation Challenge team for a few months now. Experienced a brand new issue (for me) today. My project runs fine in Preview and Live Test as a Response Web App. However, on my two Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad), the code on the initial screen’s block won’t execute. I’ve placed a bunch of “got this far” label statements in there and the label immediately after opening the screen doesn’t appear. I have tried using apple’s Settings / General / iPhone Storage deletion method for Thunkable Live, which supposedly wipes the app’s data from the device, but no luck.

I then created a temp new screen ahead of my former initial screen, and I can get past the new screen that to my former original screen where I’m again stuck when running on a mobile device. I suspected that the four stored variables might be problematic on my mobile devices, so I deleted the stored variables and recreated them within my new initial screen (which ended up being a horrible idea). Not sure how to get past this issue and would appreciate a fresh view point!

Thank you in advance if you can lend a hand, as our competition deadline is approaching! (or course)

There’s no need to create a second topic for the same issue. If you need to add details or post an updated project link, you can add it to your original topic:

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