In-App Purchase Component Not There :/

Hi there,

I can’t tell you how happy I am to learn that IAP has finally arrived for Thunkable. This enables so many new things and makes developing more sustainable.

However, I couldn’t find the IAP component on my (legacy) PRO account. Just as I was ready to immerse myself with it… Could you please find out what’s the problem. I tried with both editing interfaces, although I’ve been using the standard interface (the old one) and would like to use it through that (as my existing projects have been built around it).

Also, as I was reading through the new docs for IAP, I thought that it would be really nice to have some examples of what kind of information the IAP blocks typically fetch you from the stores, rather than having the need to try it out all on my own. Of course the information might vary depending on the situation, but might there be some fairly general outlines for this? I’m just saying everyone who’s incorporating the IAP component is facing this same question right away, so offering some outlines would streamline developing quite a lot as you could see what kind of information you’re dealing with (more precisely).

But most of all, I’d just very much like to start using the IAP component – hope you could fix the bug soon. Thank you!

@domhnallohanlon @cassandra


Thank you for your interest. The IAP component is in BETA now and available for selected users for testing. As you would understand this component is related to money spending and has to have different phases of tests more that other design components.

You may ask Thunkable team to enroll you in the test group if you think you would like to participate with inputs of using the components. Just a suggestion.

The IAP component is available for all in the DnD UI if you want to conduct something with it.


Oh, yeah, now I found it through the blocks with the DnD (not through the DnD graphical UI, but the block view). Well, kinda nice, but what am I going to do now as my projects to which I’d like to add this component are in the old interface. As far as I’ve understood, the old interface is still supported and the DnD UI is rather a new “test it out” addition.


The IAP component in DnD is found in the Blocks screen under the /advanced tab


I can see you have two options here

  • Wait until the component is released under StP UI.
  • Convert your app from StP to DnD and start using the IAP component.

You can ask Thunkable team to make the converter option available in your menu to automatically convert your StP project to DnD which will do about 90% of the job.

However, some components are not yet available in DnD such as Clone and Create under the Any component tab. So if your app is making use of these then you will not benefit in converting your project.


Thank you @muneer for your thorough explanation. Yeah, I figured I pretty much have to rely on the team for their help here. I can’t start using the new DnD if the cloning/creating/any component functionality is not there as I’m in fact using them quite heavily to create a dynamic interface. A bit frustrating as I’ve really been waiting for the IAP. But maybe I’ll get there soon, at least it’s so close now.

So, ping @domhnallohanlon @cassandra etc. – could you please add the IAP to the traditional StP interface as well?


So, I haven’t heard much about this since the last time, but I just left a note / request about the issue to Github, asking to implement IAP to the old interface as well.

You can read my request here: Please add IAP to the basic editing interface · Issue #1072 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

Hope to see IAP with the old interface soon.


Hey @ethosworkfi, this is still a (coming soon) feature to Pro users. Sorry for the delays in responding, due to the holidays and shifting staff around we had a slight pullback in presence. Are you currently part of the beta testers group?


Hi @jared – this is great news! I’m not part of the beta testers group, but would very much like to be as I indicated to @cassandra in a message earlier. Would be cool to try out new features and also help you guys out with the development the best I can. After all, I’ve been Thunkin’ for at least two years for now, and published and successfully maintained apps through the platform. So if you can, I’d appreciate if you added me to the group. Thank you!

I also would like to be part of the Beta testers group.
Can @cassandra add me too?

Thank you very much, really willing to help

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