IMPORTANT / ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED - Thunkable and Android 8.0

For, we are getting very close on a new release and I hope you don’t need to wait too long for it :slight_smile:


If we need to post a new app from today in store, if we decompile the app and manually edit manifest would this work also?

It is possible ?

Just change the number is not enough.

It is possiple that you can install your app.
But it is possiple too that the most components will not work.
Because the target number is not just only a number.

It tells the android system many things.
And these things are in a relation with all components.


can any body tell me the estimated release date of android 8.0 api @domhnallohanlon @Mika

Did you read this? A lot of users are posting questions about the SDK 26 change. They just have to wait. Be patient.


A few weeks is too long to wait for a company like Thunkable. You should have done it before the deadline because this is your core business!

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We will release a stable version to in 24 - 48 hrs. Sorry for the inconvenience!



Thanks for very important reply

It’s not so easy to make this change, and Google advise later about his new upgrade. I know thunkable community are working hard to give us the best release. Think about thunkable is a power software and all free. I want to thanks all community for their beautiful and great job. Thank you

Thank you you all for the great job. Thanks Thunkable.

No problem at all since all my existing apps from the store are still good to November 1. So i can wait for the new release :slight_smile:

Why will team thunkable reacts after the fact… this is redecilious. Please concentrate on Thunkable classic at least for deadlines by Google.
Thunkx is yours and can work on it later aswell.

Hi Zama,

sounds pretty bad, I hope you do not have too much trouble with your app updates during the last three days.

Your question, “why will team thunkable reacts after the facts”, ist maybe difficult to answer to, because, as albert said seven days ago:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will likely miss this deadline by up to a few weeks.”

These unforeseen circumstances do not sound like facts.

I can understand, that you want the thunkable team to concentrate on thunkable classic. But you might understand, that there are other members in this community who want the opposite, namely to concentrate on thunkable X. I think you should respect their perspective as well as your perspective is respected by members who favorite the thunkable X . :wink:

Your users might wait for important bugfixes or features, that you wanted to bring to them with an update yesterday or today. So I wish you the best and hope together with you, that thunkable team will bring the API level rise.



If everybody would follow the forum they would read that 1 day ago wei (in this topic) said that it would take 24-48 hours for a new version to arrive. So instead of complaining users should read and should learn how a clock works.



Team Thunkable needs to understand difference between Production environment and Non-Production. Google have provided ample amount of time for API upgrades. where is the point of 3 days inconvinence, Production environments are measures in seconds/minutes not days.
I do not think x might be favourite but that is not cooked yet. I am talking about cooked version - classic.
Team Thunkable should start improving their software delivery…

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i am seeing YOUR SAME REPLY by many other (wait 24 or 48 hours) CAN YOU TELL EXACT DATE OF RELEASE and please also tell if i export existing project to apk then it will cam with New API? or we need to project export and import then it API upgrade ?:sweat_smile:

Please stop complaining and wait patiently like everybody else.

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Hi All,
Thunkable Classic was updated earlier today as you can see here: