Immunization Schedule - with New UI

According to a Survey, Approximately 1.83 million children under five years of age die each year in India. (Ref: CHILD MORTALITY IN INDIA)

This is the highest number anywhere in the world.

We can decrease this Child Mortality rate, If we provide proper & timely Vaccine.
But not every Parent aware of that, When and at what age, which vaccine is administered to a Child?

Vaccination of Child should be done in time, at proper age. In today’s busy lifestyle, parent may forget Which Vaccine is due on date?

This app enables parents and other users like Nursing homes, Primary Health Care Centers to track Immunization Schedule of a Child. And it also provides information about vaccines and disease that they prevent in short.

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WOW! :open_mouth: That is really helpful 'n powerful app. Thank you for making such amazing app.

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Great work bro :wink::+1: i wish they feature your app in best apps :smiley:


Hi Madan,

I design mHealth apps for my research purposes and I’m thinking about using the Thunkable platform. Which DB did you utilize for your data storage? I need to use one that HIPAA compliant.

Great app and keep up the amazing work!

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Enhorabuena por el trabajo realizado, muy bueno

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